Fasting Prevents and Halts Diabetes



  • The prevention, treatment and reversal of Type 2 diabetes begins with improving your insulin sensitivity, which fasting accomplishes and which may be an important factor for those struggling with other obesity-related conditions

  • New data reveal working out before breakfast and putting off eating until lunch may reduce your overall caloric intake during the day and aid in weight loss and management

  • The study participants fasted from sunup to sunset; but eating just hours before going to sleep may result in other negative health effects as under the best circumstances your stomach takes hours to empty, increasing your risk of heartburn and reflux if you lie down too soon after meals

  • Eating within three hours of bedtime may be one of the worst things you can do, as it detrimentally affects the health of your mitochondria

  • Although beneficial, fasting should not be done if you are underweight, pregnant, breastfeeding or have an eating disorder, and while it supports your health, I recommend using a cyclical ketogenic diet with fasting for the greatest health benefits

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