Top Benefits of Rooibos Tea



  • Botanists first identified rooibos tea in 1772, but it was much later before a housewife named Annique Theron discovered some of its many health benefits, which are now known to include improving male fertility, reducing oxidative stress, improving cardiovascular health and normalizing blood pressure

  • Aspalathin, one component of the plant, has hypoglycemic effects and may help stabilize blood sugar; the antioxidants may have a beneficial effect preventing stroke, arthritis and neurodegenerative diseases; and the anti-inflammatory effect may help reduce pain and improve skin

  • As with other herbs, rooibos should be stored in an airtight container away from heat, light, moisture and other fragrant foods, such as coffee or spices

  • Brew a cup of rooibos tea using fresh, filtered water brought to a temperature between 202 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit; cover the pot to infuse. Unlike traditional teas, rooibos will not become bitter the longer it is brewed but, rather, gets stronger and more flavorful

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