Organic Leaders Take Fight for Authentic Organics to the Grocery Aisles


By Dr. Mercola


  • Fake organics abound, and include organic eggs laid by hens cooped up in gigantic factory farms, and organic beef and milk from cows raised under anything but humane, pastured conditions

  • Hydroponic vegetables grown under artificial lighting in conventional coconut waste or ground up plastic can now gain organic certification

  • Plants grown without soil rich in organic matter and microbial life produces food without the nutrients and microbes we require for good health

  • The USDA organic label has become increasingly watered down over the years. With the inclusion of hydroponics in the organic standards, it’s at risk of becoming altogether moot

  • Take action by refusing to buy organic foods raised in factory farms or grown without soil

  • Sign the Cornucopia Institute’s proxy letter to CEOs at national grocery chains known to sell fake organics

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