Ultimate Guide to Gardening

By Dr. Joseph Mercola


This is perhaps one of the most important reasons why I encourage people to engage in gardening. Growing your own food not only saves you money and improves your diet, but it also:

  • Enhances and protects precious topsoil

  • Encourages composting, which can be used to feed and nourish your plants

  • Minimizes your exposure to synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and other toxins

  • Promotes biodiversity by creating a natural habitat for animals, birds, insects and other living organisms

Gardening can also be a form of exercise that improves your mood, fitness level and sense of well-being. One survey conducted by Gardeners' World magazine revealed that 80 percent of gardeners claim that they are "happy" and satisfied with their lives, compared to just 67 percent of nongardeners.

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